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Waze Clone

Waze Clone

Planning to start your own online business similar to Waze?

We have custom solutions and ready-to-go platform approach for your Waze clone requirement. The custom developed solution can include of all the necessary features you need to kick-start a booming online business similar to Waze.

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What is Waze Clone?

Waze clone script is an open-source online navigation service. By using the best Waze clone script, you can provide the turn-by-turn navigation information and route details to your users with the help of advanced GPS integration facility. It will turn out to be the perfect solution for your niche business. You, as an admin, can provide advanced functionality which will act as a crowd-sourced social network where multiple numbers of users will submit direction data to the online community by using Waze clone PHP. You can allow your users to access the largest community-based GPS navigation services with the help of Waze clone script PHP.   

Why should you use Waze Clone? 

Waze clone Open Source enables drivers globally to use live maps, and receive real-time traffic updates along with other data related to road. You can introduce innovative technology to the users that allow them to share various data with other users globally regarding police traps, road reports on accidents, or any hazards along the way while travelling by road by using the best Waze clone script. Waze clone PHP helps your users to find or explore the cheapest fuel or gas along their route. You, as an admin, can offer the latest functionality to your users where they can even modify or edit the real-time map data itself with the help of Waze clone script PHP. If you are an entrepreneur and want to explore new possibilities through your startup in the domain of online navigation services, then you can use Waze clone script which will prove to be an ideal platform for you to boost-start your niche startup. You can even modify or customize facilities and functionalities of Waze clone script as it is customizable according to the needs and requirements of your niche business. You can provide unique digital tools to your users that can record their voice navigation prompts by using Waze clone PHP. 


  • Map Editor Feature: You, as an admin, can cater to your users with this sensational feature where they can modify or edit the real-time maps as per their preferences to help other users who travel by road by using Waze clone PHP. 
  • Alerts and Notifications Feature: Your users can receive real-time updates, alerts and notifications about police, traffic, hazards, and many more while they are on their drive with the use of this incredible feature of Waze clone script PHP.
  • Voices Navigation Options Feature: You, as an admin, can introduce this wonderful feature to your users so that they can access a plethora of voice navigation options that include celebrity voices and also record commands in their voice by using Waze clone script. 
  • Listen to music Feature: Your users can easily enjoy while listening to music as well as play their favourite music, podcasts, and many more while driving with the use of this fantastic feature of Waze clone PHP. 
  • Rerouting Feature: You, as an admin, can introduce this unique feature especially for the users where they can execute instant routing changes to avoid traffic that saves their time simultaneously by using Waze clone script PHP.
  • Parking Map Finder Feature: You can cater to your users with this astounding feature with easy access to a map of the parking area near their destination with the help of Waze clone PHP.
  • Speed Monitoring Feature: You can help your users with this extraordinary feature where they can monitor their current speed and help them to avoid penalty ticket from the police by using the best Waze clone script.

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